Sunday, February 7, 2010

German Leibniz bisquits topped with Nutella and strawberries

5 stars

I totally forgot about World Nutella day on Feb. 5th... but I still wanted to celebrate the day with this easy peazy yummy treat! Whats a few days late right?
My sister-in-law introduced this yummy combination on New Years and wow.. I could eat them all.. Even my husband was at first trying to say he was allergic to hazelnuts (which is mostly all nutella is besides the chocolate) until after I "made" him eat one, he wanted 3 more after that.. hahahhaha I love that the most as a parent and wife of a picky eater.  Having them think they will not like it, to really enjoying it and asking for more...
When I was younger, (middle school and high school age) my family and I lived in Europe. Nutella was very popular in Italy. We bought it all the time and ate it on white bread. I still do today, but not as much because I can easily eat the entire jar. :)  Sometimes in Italy, the Nutella was in fun jars and bowls for you to keep after the Nutella was all gone. My parents to this day still have a few of the bowls that it came in one year.

For this recipe you only need 3 things... well 4 things.
Nutella, Leibniz cookies, strawberries and a hungry mouth.  LOL

slicing  your strawberries is the most you will have to do.
lather your Nutella on the cookie, using as much as your heart desires.
Layer your strawberries on top and eat! Oh so yummy!

It is best to make them all at once, as many as you think is appropriate, then put everything away. If you leave everything out and make one at a time, you will easily look down and the entire jar of Nutella is gone along with all the strawberries and the cookies...



  1. oh wow, I absolutely love nutella! I really enjoy reading your blog, ladies. Great job!