Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homemade Kettle Corn


Popcorn is not really something we eat very often, however kettle corn has been making its way into my home more often.. Its so yummy and my husband will ate an entire bag all by himself.  Today it occurred to me that I could probably make it myself.  I stumbled upon this recipe, and glad I did as some of the others didnt say anything about pre-testing the oil with three kernels first.
This was super easy to make and what a money saver too. My husband did mention that he would like his kettle corn a bit sweeter next time, so I will just up the sugar a bit more next time.  The kids sure loved it!

1/4 cup Canola oil
1/3 cup unpopped corn kernels
1/4 cup sugar
salt to taste

1. Put the oil in a pot (ideally a pot with handles and a cover!) and heat to medium high.

2. Put 3 kernels in the oil and wait for the three kernels to pop. When this happens, you know the oil is hot enough.

3. Add kernels. They should be spread out in one thin layer at the bottom of the pot.

4. Cover and let pop - it should start popping almost immediately. Start shaking the covered pot around to let the kernels shake around so that the un-popped kernels can get to the bottom where it's hot!

5. When the popping seems to have slowed down a bit (2-3 minutes), dump the sugar in. I used cane sugar, but you can use normal white sugar as well.

6. Continue shaking the covered pot around, distributing the sugar and also letting the rest of the kernels pop.

7. When it seems like the popping has slowed considerably (1-2 minutes), remove the pot from heat and let it cool. Stir the popcorn around to make sure the sugar has evenly distributed.


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