Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Julie & Julia Tomato Bruschetta

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Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? I thought it was a good movie. I've almost finished Julia Child's My Life in France so I knew more information than the filmed presented, so that was nice. I have not read Julie Powell's Julie & Julia so I can't speak for how true the film is to that book.

Anyway, at the beginning of the movie Julie Powell is making a tomato bruschetta and it looks wonderful. Like so good that you want to stop the movie and go get the ingredients.

So, I went searching and found the food designer, Susan Spungen, of the movie and found a blog post where she posted her recipe! Yeah!

I decided to get some heirloom tomatoes and found this pack at Meijer. It was more than enough for the 1/2 baguette that I bought.

I cut them in pieces roughly the same size and did a small splash of extra virgin olive oil and set it aside.

I cut the bread in equal size pieces and rubbed down both sides with garlic. It had a very big garlic taste (which I like, but if you don't do one side only).

She gives several ways in the post to cook the bread, but I followed how it is made in the movie, per Nora Ephron. I fried it in olive oil.

I was slightly intimidated to do this, but it was really easy. I made sure that I had just enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan. It took around 2 minutes on each side to get it nice and brown, but not burned on each side.

I did half the batch of bread and then put the next batch in and then remembered that I didn't put more olive oil in the pan. By this point, that side was almost burned, so I took them out, put more oil in, and then fried the other side. I then flipped them quickly and they actually turned out okay.
I then put all the bread on the plate, lightly salted the tomatoes, and piled them on the bread. I let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then I tore up some fresh basil and served to my family. It was so good! Oh goodness, I could have ate than entire plate. Yummy!
Try this one! Now!



  1. This loooks so yummy! I will for sure make this soon.
    Also if you are interested and didnt know.. Here is Julie Powells blogs

  2. Shawnaschmidt@ymail.comFebruary 5, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    I did the same thing...watched the movie and pretty much drooled over all of the beautiful food in the movie but the tomato bruschetta omg! I was a woman on a mission to find the exact tomato bruschetta recipe they had used in the movie and there are alot of "almosts" out there. When it comes to cooking, "almost" is not good enough especially when money is too tight and the luxuries in this world are now greatly limited. Thank you for making my search easy and ty for understanding the sexy sizzle of a frying pan,the comforting aroma of spices,the satisfaction of a family with full tummies and most of all the art and science that is cooking. Bless my friends and family cuz they do not understand my passion of cooking but they absolutely love to gobble up what I make. I love your site. Makes me wish I were a blogger!